Building YOU.

At WORKNOW, we help build and connect our members to new opportunities to build more. We have partnered with TradeSkillsU to present a learning portal to help you build your knowledge of the technical skills and industry awareness you’ll need to succeed in the Industry. Why not get a jumpstart, and be ready on your first day, or next job, and show you’re prepared to move up with easy to use skills lessons and pro tips?


We have built our lessons based on employer feedback and industry guidelines, so you invest your time learning what construction employers want to see in their employees. Additionally, your navigator may recommend courses to supplement classroom training or help you enter a class environment with confidence. If you are already working, your navigator may suggest courses that reinforce key industry skills such as safety. You can also browse topics to take additional courses that interest you and support your goals. It’s our hope, the more you know, the faster you can grow your career in construction, and build more.

How to get access?

Today, any active WORKNOW member can access WORKNOW | LEARN by logging on here. If you haven’t already received an enrollment code from your navigator to access any of the FREE courses, please do so today. The FREE courses include but are not limited to technical trade skills reinforcement (e.g., tool usage, safety standards, trade overviews, etc.) or industry employment success (tips to help you find and keep a good job in a growing industry).

Here’s to Building More, Building You.