At WORKNOW, we help build and connect our members to new opportunities to build more. We have partnered with (TSM), a skills-based job matching platform that supports you in finding a job in construction. We provide candidates the ability to create a job profile, select your skills and trades that you’re interested in, and match you with employers looking for your skill-set. You can apply to jobs directly from the application.

Already have a job that will be ending soon? No problem, enter your details and an employer knows your new start date.


  1. From the TSM website, select create new account
  2. Select create employee account (mobile App is only for those looking for a job)
  3. Enter your email and password
  4. Verify your email address (from invite)
  5. Enter your information
  6. Select your skills
  7. Ready to work? List your availability

Or, download our mobile app

Trade Skills Match is available via our mobile app – the Android app is available on Google Play Store now.
(Apple (IOS) App coming soon)

1. Create a new candidate account for free

2. Complete your skills and certifications profile

3. One-click response to an invitation to apply

For more information or guidance using Tradeskills Match, please contact your WORKNOW Navigator today.


You have two ways to find the right candidate:

Search for Candidates

Or, Post details of open positions

As a partner of WORKNOW, you are being provided a free trial period. Please contact us for your access code.
If you are interested in learning more about how we can help with your hiring needs, contact us today.